The focus and scope of the Jurnal Pertahanan dan Bela Negara covers:

  1. Ideology and Nationalism: Exploring the philosophical and ideological foundations that shape national identity and cohesion;
  2. State Defense: Analyzing strategies, policies, and measures employed by a nation to protect its territorial integrity and national interests;
  3. National Resilience: Investigating the ability of a nation to withstand and recover from various challenges, including security threats and natural disasters;
  4. Defense Studies: Explore multidisciplinary studies concerned with military affairs, military forces, and defense systems;
  5. Security Studies: Addressing a wide range of security issues, including regional and global security challenges, and examining policies and measures to maintain security and stability;
  6. Other topics contributing to the development of military, defense and security theory and practice.

The journal may present only original contributions, i.e., those that have not been published elsewhere, nor are currently under consideration in any other refereed journal. All articles are double blind peer-reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers. All contributions are refereed in the "peer review" process by experts appointed by the editorial board of Jurnal Pertahanan dan Bela Negara. Contributions are published exclusively in English (American), and Indonesian language.