The Role Of State Defense Cadres Of The Border Areas In Cross Border State Relationship (Study About The Role Of State Defense Forum In Sebatik, Nunukan Regency, North Borneo Province)

Wahyudi Wahyudi


Abstract - The border area position of Sebatik Island, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province, that is geographically boundering with Malaysia, make this area to do state’s cross border relation. In the Globalization context, social relation between two or more countries, both economically and politically, becomes a necessity. On the other hand, unfiltered globalization will be a transnational threat to a country, especially in the border areas. Establishment of state defense cadres that have been implemented by Indonesian Ministry of Defense in all territories of Indonesia, not just in border areas, should be awaited role. This study aims to analyze the role of Sebatik State Defense Forum or Forum Bela Negara Sebatik (FBN) in border areas to face cross border dynamics by using the main analysis of State Defense concept that is related with the dynamic of cross border area. This study uses qualitative methods through collecting data that is obtained from interviews, observation, and literature study. The result of the study shows the role of FBN Sebatik State, which is shown by many aspects; organization, planning, action and result, spirit and mobilization of human resources and cooperation with the others.

Keywords: state defense, state defense forum, cross border, border areas, Sebatik

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